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Tesla “Not A Dream” Video: Distopian Future Transformed

In 1900, Nikola Tesla imagined world very different from his dingy, coal-driven surroundings. He understood that power was actually all around us, waiting to be harnessed. It’s why Tesla Motors chose him as their namesake as they lead the way toward a solar-powered electric future.

In this short film, the Freise Brothers capture that shared vision in a powerful way. They illustrate a dystopian landscape, dripping with the grime and sweat of a fossil fuel-powered world, until a gleaming Model S breaks onto the scene and races toward a brighter horizon. The narration, a quote from Nikola Tesla himself, is a prescient foretelling of a clean energy future.

Tesla- Not  A Dream

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The video went viral after Elon Musk tweeted that he “loved” it, and won the Freise Brothers a Young Director Award at Cannes. We found it deeply inspiring, and reached out to the Freises – long-time friends from architecture school – about using their storytelling talents to capture the Acre message. Lucky us, they were in!


Last week they visited our upcoming jobsite in Lone Pine, CA and fell just as in love with the land, and the clients, as we are. The area, set between Death Valley and Mount Whitney (the lowest and highest points in the US), is full of dramatic vistas, towering boulders, and a rich film history.

After hearing their initial concepts, and seeing this teaser image, we can’t wait to share what this creative team will do! Stay tuned.

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