Modern Ranch Home- Net Zero- Prefab

Series B

Inspired by the mid-century modern ranches that continue to delight modernists today, Series B was developed to connect indoor & outdoor living. The Series B is well suited for capturing vistas, but can be cleverly tucked into an urban context.

Floor Plans

Floor Plan prefab home- Acre

4 Bedroom / 2.5 Bath

2,225 sqft

BASELINE Price- $515,000* SKYLINE Price-  $750,000* *pricing does not include foundations, sitework, local fees and adjustments or any rebates or discounts.

  1.  Entry
  2. Master Bath
  3. Master Bedroom / 14’ x 15’
  4. zeroBOX
  5. Half Bath
  6. Laundry
  7. Kitchen / Dining Room / 22’6 x 22’7
  8.  Living Room / 15’6 x 22’7
  9. Optional Wood-Burning Stove
  10. Bedroom 2 / 11’ x 13’
  11. Bedroom 3 / 11’ x 13’
  12. Bedroom 4 / 13’ x 15’
  13. Bath 3
  14. Covered Porch
  15. Uncovered Porch

3 Bedroom / 2 Bath

1,700 sqft

BASELINE Price- $465,000* SKYLINE Price-  $700,000* *pricing does not include foundations, sitework, local fees and adjustments or any rebates or discounts.

  1. Entry
  2. Bedroom 1 / 12’ x 13’
  3. Living Room / 18’6 x 17’
  4. Optional Wood-Burning Stove
  5. zeroBOX
  6. Bath
  7. Laundry
  8. Kitchen / Dining Room / 18’6 x 20’
  9. Home Office / 7’ x 13’
  10. Bedroom 2 / 11’ x 13’
  11. Master Bedroom / 12’ x 15’
  12. Master Bath
  13. Covered Porch
  14. Uncovered Porch
Floor Plan for prefab home

2 Bedroom / 1 Bath

1,200 sqft

BASELINE Price- $440,000* SKYLINE Price-  $675,000* *pricing does not include foundations, sitework, local fees and adjustments or any rebates or discounts.

  1. Entry
  2. Laundry
  3. Bedroom 1 / 12’ x 12’
  4. Living Room / 14’7 x 15’7
  5. Covered Porch or Patio
  6. Uncovered Porch or Patio
  7. Optional Wood Burning Stove
  8. Great Room / 14’7 x 26’10
  9. Master Bedroom / 12′ x 13’8
  10. Bath
  11. zeroBOX


STARTING AT $38,000*   *pricing does not include foundations, sitework, local fees and adjustments or any rebates or discounts.



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Baseline/Skyline Comparison

Energy & Performance
Net-Zero X X
Solar Included X X
All LED Lighting X X
Energy & Water Use Monitors X X
High Performance Heat Pump X X
High Performance Fiberglass Windows X X
Window Performance Upgrade O O
Nanawall Sliding Glass Wall O X
Platinum SIPS O X
Tesla Powerwall O X
EV Charging O X
Automatic Shades O X
August Smart Lock X X
Loxone Smart Home Automation X X
Mesh Wifi X X- Expanded
Smart Lighting Controls X X
Sonos Home Audio O O
Nest Security Cam X X- 2 locations
LTE/3G backup O X
Auto Open Doors Exclusive
Interior Finishes
Kitchen Cabinets Ikea/Kokeena Poliform- EXCLUSIVE
Wardrobes Ikea Poliform- EXCLUSIVE
Appliances Bosch Miele
Steam Oven Optional Premium
Plumbing Fixtures Standard Premium
Lighting Standard Premium
Tile Varies Fireclay- EXCLUSIVE
Exterior Finishes
Standing Seam Metal Roof              X                X
Primary Siding Hardie or Metal TruGrain- EXCLUSIVE
TruGrain Decking              X                X
Steel Entry              O                O

The Kitchen

It truly is the heart of the home. A well-designed kitchen should delight all the senses, and make meal prep and hosting more enjoyable. The right equipment allows you to explore your culinary talents and create memorable meals with ease.



Good design makes for a better experience in the kitchen.  Cooking is easier and more enjoyable and the openness of the space allows for better family time . The layout and accessories have been carefully selected to create a beautiful, organized, functional kitchen.



The Miele Combi-Steam oven is nothing short of magic!  Faster and healthier, it combines oven functions, steam, convection, broiling and baking. With over 100 built-in recipes, touch-screen programmable modes, and features like automatic menu cooking, it simplifies every step of mealtime. Miele is standard in the Skyline homes and optional in Baseline.


Induction Cooktop

Induction cooking is more powerful than electric and more accurate than gas, making for an unrivaled cooking experience.  Induction also uses less energy and puts off 60% less waste heat, making it an important piece of the home’s NetZero performance.



The dual compressor refrigerators are better at keeping food fresh and preserving flavor.  They cool evenly, control humidity and prevent transfer of flavors and smells.  Miele & Bosch  also carry an industry leading reliability ratings.

Modern Ranch Home- Net Zero- Prefab
Modern Ranch Home- Net Zero- Prefab
Modern Ranch Home- Net Zero- Prefab
Modern Ranch Home- Net Zero- Prefab
Modern Ranch Home- Net Zero- Prefab


A NetZero home is better for people and the planet. Sustainable design naturally results in an entirely new level of comfort. No drafts, steady temperatures and humidity, and cleaner air make your family more safe, comfortable and healthy.


Fresher Air

Typical homes draw air through gaps in the floors and walls, allowing infiltration of pollution, dust, allergens and unconditioned air. Acre’s energy recovery ventilator draws in fresh air through a filtration and heat exchange system, providing a continual supply of fresh, filtered air.


Natural Light

A well-lit home is important for comfort and health. Acre homes have generous windows to bring natural light into every room. When the sun is down, high CRI LEDs closely match the qualities of daylight, and are fully dimmable to allow you to fine-tune your environment and save energy.


Warm Walls

SIPS walls and roofs create a super-insulated shell that keeps your home comfortable in the harshest weather, and does so with less energy.  These composite panels are a welcome departure from traditional stick framing, providing higher insulation values, an airtight shell, and rapid construction.


Low Maintenance

We believe in products that last. Standing seam metal roofs, composite siding, and simplified mechanical systems reduce maintenance and keep replacement products out of the landfill.  The roof will last a lifetime, the siding more than 3 decades and the HVAC system 2-3x a typical unit.




Acre homes are all-electric and fully powered by the sun. Our PV systems range from 5 to 10+kW, supporting a normal lifestyle without sacrifice. Systems can be upgraded for EV charging or to sustainably heat a hot tub. Tesla’s Powerwall2 battery can provide backup power, or allow you go off-grid.


Security & Access

The August smart lock allows for keyless entry, as well as sharing with family & friends. Issue short-term digital access to renters and repair or service workers, and track activity. Door, window, and motion sensors, paired with sirens and web notifications, keep you safe from intruders.



Shades up at dawn, lights down at dinner, doors locked at 10:00; your home can respond to your needs.  Our partnership with Loxone offers cutting-edge energy management, security and convenience that runs your Acre home with true intelligence.


Peace of Mind

You can know the status of your home at any time, from anywhere. Doors locked? Stove on? A/C running? We even have systems to detect water leaks and shut off the supply, or automate vacation mode while you’re away.