Santa Monica net zero energy

Santa Monica- First in World Requiring Net Zero Energy

Santa Monica beats the rest of the world to the punch on net zero energy (NZE), mandating that all new homes be NZE starting in January 2017.  All of California is on track for a 2020 mandate, with many voicing serious concerns about the reality of such a bold mandate.

These concerns are often valid, as high performance building is relatively new, and represents a large departure from typical construction.  Builders are scrambling to figure out how to meet these requirements, and home buyers are bracing for the price increase.

By taking the lead, Santa Monica offers a test market to serve as an example for the rest of the state – and world, for that matter! – about how to gracefully transition to NZE homes.

Acre’s mission is to help builders and homeowners navigate the coming regulatory shifts – making beautiful Net Zero Energy homes easier to build and cost-competitive with standard homes. We remove many of the uncertainties of NZE building, and offer a product that is clear for homeowners to understand and simple for builders to construct.

We believe the time is right to make this transition. The cost of rooftop solar has dropped 50% since 2009, and new technologies are released every day that make NZE more readily achievable and appealing (like Tesla’s new solar roofs, announced last week). We also believe traditional housing has run its course. With very few advancements in the past 50 years, homeowners are beginning to expect more from their biggest investment, both in energy efficiency and the overall experience of owning a home.

NZE mandates are an opportunity to bring housing into the future, and we at Acre are thrilled to contribute to the next generation of housing. Over the coming weeks we’ll be sharing insights into the market, and just what makes an Acre home so advanced. If you’re ready to build your own Acre NZE home, contact us today!


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