Rebuild Stronger.

If you’re rebuilding in the wake of the North Bay fires, first let us say we’re so sorry for all you’re going through.

Also know, we believe you can rebuild stronger.

To help those rebuilding in the North Bay, Acre is offering:


If your lot is at least 50’ x 100’ we’ll make a preliminary site visit to assess whether an Acre home is a fit, and discuss your options. CALL to schedule a site visit.


We are reserving capacity specifically for fire victims. Our goal is to issue for permit within 1-2 months of initial Site Visit (depending on the complexity of your project).


Acre is currently seeking additional build partners to expand our capacity in the North Bay. If you’re interested in partnering or joining our team, please contact us.

How We’re Different for Rebuilds

Unlike the traditional process, which involves hiring an architect, going through a custom design process, waiting for bids, hiring a contractor, and managing the build, we make it much simpler.

You’re faced with a lot of unknowns right now. Let us take a few off your plate.


Pre-Designed + Site-Built


Ten home designs, ready for permitting.
Designed for speed, flat-packed for onsite construction in 4 to 6 months.


Compliant + Sustainable

Modern Ranch- Net zero Prefab Home

All Class-A fire-resistant exteriors.
Code-compliant by default.
Healthy, green materials.


Flexible + Accessible

Modern Ranch Home- Net Zero- Prefab

1,200 to 3,000 sq. ft. designs.
Versatile options for garages, sublet units and more.

The Bottom Line

We know many of you are facing an insurance gap. You may think building smaller is your only option.

We propose rebuilding smarter.


Modern Ranch- Net zero Prefab Home

Starting at $425,000 (plus foundation).
Approximately $225 to $250/sq. ft.


Lone Pine Site

NetZero energy use means no energy bills.
Green credits & rebates available



Easily sublettable options.
Ready-to-build rental ``granny`` units.

Rebuild FAQs

Can I reuse my existing foundation?
Foundations must be designed specifically for an Acre home. Unfortunately, most foundations that burned in the fires were structurally compromised.
Can you work with my existing plans?
No. Acre homes are carefully designed as a system, and are already pre-engineered.
Can you help with renovation projects?
Acre only offers new-construction services. A local architect is best suited to help you with a custom project or partial rebuild.
What is the schedule for rebuilding?
Exact schedule will depend on site cleanup (whether right-of-entry or private contract) and permitting. Once foundations are in, the build process takes 3-4 months.
Your site says there are just a few remaining build spots.
We are adding capacity, and holding spots to prioritize fire rebuild projects. Don’t hesitate to call!
What’s the First Step?
Click below to view designs or schedule a call.

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