Acre Vs. The Norm: Health and Safety

The average home was built over 37 years ago.  Much has changed in that time, and those changes could have big impacts for your family.  Homes built over 10 years ago are likely not going to have some of the basic health and safety features that are now standard.

Acre homes are purposely quite different from the norm. We’ve made conscious decisions to improve the quality, performance and experience of an Acre home.  These changes give Acre buyers homes that are healthier, safer, lower maintenance and use a fraction of the energy compared to a typical home.  It’s a stark difference that can be enjoyed every day.

In order to provide the best environment for your family, we have decided to build to the most stringent requirements by default, and will most often exceed local codes.  We build to these standards regardless of whether local codes require it or not.


  • Fire Prevention-Exterior: Finishes like the metal roof and composite sidings are Class-A fire rated and will help protect your home from wildfires and other exterior sources of ignition
  • Fire Prevention- Interior: Acre homes are all electric and do not use gas equipment for heating or cooking, reducing chance for fire.
  • Fire Suppression: Acre homes are equipped with a modern fire suppression system that gives your family time to escape in case of a fire.
  • Earthquake: All Acre home meet some of the most stringent seismic standards.  SIPS panels are inherently rigid and resistant to the forces earthquakes exert on homes.


  • Ventilation: Acre homes are airtight and use ventilation to bring in fresh air 24/7
  • Filtration: MERV 12 filters remove allergens, pollen, dust and more before it gets into your home. Water is also filtered, removing or reducing chlorine and other contaminates.  UV purification is an optional upgrade.
  • Low VOC Finishes: We use low VOC paints and finishes throughout.  Our paint even uses technology to absorb any remaining VOC’s from other finishes and furniture.
  • All electric: Burning natural gas or propane to cook with, or to heat your home or water, produces NO2, CO2, Carbon Monoxide, and formaldehyde at levels that can exceed outdoor standards.  We avoid all of that by being all electric.
  • Humidity: Acre’s tightly sealed home, ventilation and heating systems ensure your home maintains optimum humidity, which can reduce dry skin and respiratory issues that many people face during winter months.



Existing Home

Typical New 

Seismic Standards ? x
Fire Suppression ? x
Class A Fire Resistant Materials  ? x
Asbestos Free x x
Lead Free x x
Low VOC x
Filtered Fresh Air x
Filtered Water x
Efficient Lighting ? x
Smart Home Technology x
All Electric x
Net Zero/solar x
High quality Finishes and Fixtures x
Low Maintenance Materials x


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