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Acre Roadmap for Housing

Where we’ve been and where we’re going.

As our most expensive purchase, and the place we spend the majority of our time, homes should be the most inspired, life-changing product we own. But this is not the case.

The past 50 years housing has been cheaply-made, inefficient, and a burden on homeowners.

So we’re leading a new way forward.

At Acre, we are passionate about creating an entirely new way of living, so that homes no longer define the pace or course of our lives, but become a place to recharge for life’s bigger aims. We believe homes can, and should, reflect good design, advanced technologies, and efficient practices. They should represent a stable financial investment, rather than a risk of our time and money.

Our mantra, “Build for Life”, guides us toward a better future – for homes, and for the people who live in them.

The Acre Home

 Acre homes are better for people and the planet. Using design thinking, advanced materials and construction techniques – and developing a simple process for customers and builders – we can deliver you a better home. One that’s not just beautiful – but healthier, more livable, and vastly more sustainable.

Every Acre home is beautiful, smart and completely powered by the sun.

The designs are carefully curated to include flexible, livable spaces. We use enduring, low-maintenance finishes, and smart-home technology that actually enhances daily life. Healthy and highly-efficient, our zero-energy homes produce more power each year than they use.


The Process

To deliver better homes, we had to define a better process; one designed for speed, repeatable quality and simplified decision-making.

Unlike traditional pre-fab, our homes are site-built utilizing panelized construction for a rapid assembly process. We’ve designed around products and systems that turn traditional construction on its head.

Because we offer a fine-tuned, holistic product, we don’t customize. This means customers get access to higher-quality options and a home that works like a modern product should. Without months of design meetings.

Focusing first on California and the PacWest, where costs and regulations are highest, allows us make the biggest impact on the future of housing.


How to Get There

Changing this tired industry is a heavy lift. Below is a roadmap of how we plan to tackle the challenges and change housing.

STEP 1 – Create a home that redefines the standards of design, quality, and performance.

We are doing this now with the Acre Origin Series, focusing in higher-priced markets where labor costs and complexity give us a natural advantage.

STEP 2 – Deliver Acre homes at a significant savings in major metros.

We are introducing the Acre Baseline edition homes, a more affordable line of homes that resets the standard. Later in 2018 we will offer additional design series which focus on density.

Always searching to improve and flirting the edge of building technology, the new Acre Skyline edition is a “no compromises” version of Acre that is focused on the most advanced products, technologies and an exquisite finish package.

STEP 3 –Make these advances available in all markets, at even lower price points.

As we scale, we will be able to offer more affordable series of homes. By 2025, we plan to offer Acre Roots, a truly affordable line, in markets across the US.


Who We Are

Our founders bring together decades of experience in architecture, construction and industrial design. Since our formation in 2014, the team has grown to include engineers, supply chain experts and sustainability specialists.

We’re small team where every member is passionate about design and sustainable building and solving housing issues. We’re solar decathlon leaders, welders, amateur chefs, parents and outdoor enthusiasts. We’re idealists with a heavy dose of pragmatism. Our mantra, “Build for Life”, guides us toward a better future – for homes, and for the people who live in them.

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